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Rafina is a town located on the eastern coast of  Attica in Greece.

Rafina lies on the Aegean Coast, east of the Penteli mountains and northeast of the Mesogaia plain. It is 5 km (3 mi) north of Artemida, 7 km (4 mi) south of  Nea Makri, and 25 km (16 mi) east of Athens city centre. The municipal unit of Rafina contains, besides the city itself, a large portion of the surrounding area, which is mostly woodland and farmland. The only other town is Kallitechnoupoli with a population of 923.The town can be accessed through Greek National Road 54 (Athens – Pallini – Rafina), Greek National Road 83 (Athens – Marathon – Rafina) and Greek National Road 85 (Lavrio – Rafina).

Rafina is a port town serving ferries to the southern part of Euboea as well as most of the Cyclades. ts port is the second largest of Attica, after that of Piraeus, but it will probably be superseded by the one in Lavrio  which is currently being expanded. During the Prehistoric Times, Rafina had already inhabited. The oldest finds are about the Neolithic Period, also, extremely was the remains of the Bronze Age (3,000 years B.C.), which was founded by the excavations of Dimitrios Theocharis in '50s: a settlement on the hill above the port, with facilities of bronze's processing near the delta of the Great Stream, and a Protohelladic Akropolis in the cape of Askitario which you can visit today.



Nea Makri is a town in East Attica Greece.  Is situated on the coast of the Petalioio Gulf, a gulf on the Aegean Sea, in the eastern most part of the Attica peninsula. It is 7 km north of Rafina, 8 km south of Marathon and 25 km north east of Athens city centre. The municipal unit Nea Makri also contains the village Neos Voutzas, 5 km south of Nea Makri town centre. Greek National Road 83 ( Athens – Marathon – Rafina )  passes through Nea Makri. It is widely known and visited due to its coastline and its beaches are among the top10 cleaner in the region of Attica.The area was once known as Plesti, but following the 1922 Greek military disaster in Asia Minor and the subsequent repatriation of Greeks from the town of  Makri, it was renamed Nea Makri (New Makri). 


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