Let's Go Greece

lets go greeceThe “Schools! Lets Go Greece” or “Lets Go Greece” or “LGG!” program is an educational, cultural tourism program targeted to young people and their families. LGG®™ is comprised of interactive educational, cultural sightseeing and entertainment activities and is tailored to the interests, needs and age-range of each individual visiting group.

The LGG®™ staff is made up of dedicated and highly qualified educators, historians and artists. It is developed with the significant contribution of Greek schools and in association with the local authorities of our domestic destinations including the region of the Peloponnese, the Cultural Tourism of the Athens Municipality and the Municipal Cultural Organization of Rhodes.

In fact, the LGG®™ is the result of important educational programs conducted at schools for the past six years including the “Lets Go Athens!”, “I am careful!”, School Neighborhoods” just to mention a few.

It includes experiential learning activities that promote knowledge with the active participation of our visitors, as well as the reconstruction of ancient Greek cultural rituals and ceremonies such as the Hippocrates Oath in the island of Kos. It also promotes sports, recreational activities and joined ventures with locals.

A professional team of dedicated and highly qualified historians, artists and educators works around the clock to adapt LGG’s activities to the special requirements of our guests. In addition, the participation and involvement of young people in designingthis appealing cultural program for their peers of the same age group and to invite them to visit Greece is what makes LGG®™ so special! Our goal is to create a life-lasting experience for our guests and to offer an insight view of the full spectrum of the Greek historical and modern Culture and life style!